Glenn Sloggett

Tipped off by Stephen, my tutor for Camera Craft 3, I went to Stills Gallery in Paddington to view the work of Glenn Sloggett. Glenn works in Melbourne, along lines not dissimilar to the ideas in the previous post: urban decay in irony and sadness, and the last vestige of hope before despair sets in.

They kindly showed me their set of 80x80cm prints of Glenn’s work, which were marvellous. The curator mentioned that he has the unusual practice of taking only single shots of his subject. Even for those that work on film, the subtle differences from different apertures and movements are often the make-or-break of a shot. But I suppose it adds a certain something to their ‘found’ nature…

My favourite image was Frankenhorse, 1998 from Cheaper and Deeper

Frankenhorse, 1998

Glenn Sloggett -- Frankenhorse, 1998. Copyright of the artist.

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Posted on June 20, 2010

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