Li-Sun exotic mushrooms

Last year I became interested in growing shiitake mushrooms, and so wanted to see how the pros do it. Mittagong hosts one of Australia’s first and foremost exotic mushroom farms, which conducts occasional tours on public holidays. So while the temperature rose outside, I joined
Dr. Noel Arrold and about 30 others on a tour of the Li-Sun exotic mushrooms tunnel.

Oyster mushroom, Li-Sum exotic mushrroms
Noel Arnold with the crowd

The tunnel was decommissioned in 1919 when a two track tunnel was constructed alongside, under Mount Gibraltar. It is a genuine feat of engineering, heft through about 650m of shale and sandstone.

The old railway tunnel under Mount Gibraltar, Bowral

As well as taking along the bellows and SMC Takumar lens for macros, it was a great chance to test out the Laowa 12mm ultra wide lens in low light, and up close. It didn’t disappoint. At ISO 1250 (just before the Canon 6D starts showing grain), I rarely had to go down to f2.8 under the flourescent tubes. The lack of distortion and close focusing distance (18cm) helped create some splendid images.

A close crop of some oyster mushrooms with the Laowa

At the end of the tour everyone received a tray of produce, which we used straight away. These receipes and background from the Mycological Society of San Francisco make for interesting reading on oyster mushrooms.

As ever, there are more photos on flickr…

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Posted on January 30, 2019

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